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October 30, 2017

Alicea Simonds

What kind of website do I need?

WordPress is a immensely popular site hosting platform for website creation for large businesses and bloggers alike in Lenexa. Primarily because WordPress does not require payment for hosting at its basic level as well as having a user-friendly dashboard. As a small business owner, there are countless benefits for using this platform, including saving the time and expense usually associated with setting up a website for your business.

Although it is possible, to create your own website using the free WordPress platform, it's a daunting project to take-on, on top of the usual tasks involved in running your business. For a beginner; the learning curve is steep.

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Most musicians find it saves them time, money and frustration enlisting a professional graphic design company to build a custom website for them using the WordPress platform. Do your music justice by increasing its potential to continue to grow and expand your online presence, with a professional designer to guarantee a seamless user experience.

But what does a professional web designer really bring to the table?

1. Customize the look, flow and functionality of your website to suit your brand

WordPress is popular for its abundance of ready to use website templates easing website creation, however, if want a unique brand experience for your visitors, even the templates need considerable tweaking. A developer can upgrade a basic template to suit the look and feel you want for your site. The free templates might seem like the easy option, however, I can't even count a number of times I've been asked to step in a takeover from well-meaning large businesses who've come to realize the time investment in customizing a template is significant, without the necessary the skill set.

2. Optimal and responsive website performance

Anything less than a friendly user experience will cause your hard-earned traffic to click off your site at warp speed. A professional web design and development engineer will not only help with aesthetics but also guarantee a seamless experience that will surprise and delight your site visitors. Use our experience to choose the right plugins to complement the functionality of your website without compromising performance.

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3. Your website developer is your troubleshooting guru

WordPress is known for its constant updates which keep the sites safe, secure and offering the latest functionalities of your plugins. Unfortunately, sometimes plugins and updates wreak havoc with each other in the background causing issues with website creation and can even crash on your site. Save yourself the panic and headache of troubleshooting issues as they arise.

4. A professional website development company will have SEO options to suit your budget

You want your content to get picked by the major search engines, business directories and blogging platforms offering do-follow backlinks that are SEO compliant and work to attract targeted traffic to your site.

In addition to this, professional SEO services offer keyword research, heading creation, sitemap creation, URL generations, Google Webmaster, Bing Website Master and Google Analytics creation. Some services will also include Robots.txt generation, meta tag generation, image alter tags and check your websites crawl errors.

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5. Create and support a responsive website on all devices

WordPress is our first choice for building small business websites because making it easy to design a responsive and mobile friendly website on. When you add content like images, videos, links and other feeds, you want them responsive on all devices too.

A professionally designed and developed website gives your business a competitive edge.

Collectively the team at EB Technologies have worked with numerous organizations to connect and promote brands into the digital community.

Our clients range from small business owners through to leading brands in Lenexa, who chose us to help with their website development, graphic design, SEO & digital marketing campaigns; assisting them consistently grow their brand, attract more qualified leads and convert them into sales through the delivery of custom marketing strategies.

Visit to see our competitive SEO, Graphic Design & Website Development Packages or contact me about tailoring a quote specific to your business needs for website creation in Lenexa and the surrounding areas.

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