Dedicated Servers with SSD Drives

Most of our Intel dedicated servers include fast SSDs.

Over the course of the previous couple of years, SSDs have gradually evolved from being a high-priced thing to a commodity. The technology behind them has evolved as well and today they are much more reliable and offer a larger data storage capacity at a more modest selling price.

Most of our Intel-powered dedicated servers are fitted out with very fast & reliable SSD disks. Their faster access speed and higher I/O capacity allow for a more efficient CPU utilization and a faster overall server performance.

SSD Drives

CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu

Choose the Linux release you want

On the order form, you can easily mark an OS for the dedicated server. You could choose from different Linux distributions – Debian, Ubuntu or CentOS. On the signup form, select your preferred version using the drop–down menu under Server Options. Once you make your purchase, we’ll set the server for you and will install your best preferred Linux OS. We will additionally set up our in–house–built Web Site Control Panel absolutely free.

A State–of–the–Art Data Center

A standards–leading data center in downtown Chicago Il

We are collaborating with a standards–best USA data center, that is located in the downtown area Chicago. It offers outstanding security for your dedicated server, together with 24x7x365 on–site tracking systems. Additionally, the probability of failures caused by natural disasters is significantly minimized. In addition, the Steadfast data center is positioned in close proximity to a communications center and provides a lot of network power as well as low latency links to both the East and West Coasts.

A Free Web Site Control Panel

Manage your sites and web applications with just a click.

In case you call for a dedicated server for your resource–intensive websites, consequently you also need an effortless manner to maintain all of them. Even though the command line interface is effective, it isn’t user–friendly enough for anyone to use. That is why, we make available the 100% free Web Site Control Panel with each of our dedicated servers. It will change the difficult dedicated server supervision responsibilities to standard routine.

In addition, with the EB Cloud Technologies Web Site Control Panel, you’ll additionally acquire all of the free–of–charge gifts and resources that are ordinarily offered only with the Linux cloud plans accounts.

Service Guarantees

A 99.9% availability for your server

The USA data center in Chicago, Illinois that we are cooperating with delivers appropriate system settings for your dedicated server. On–duty administrators are supervising the network 24 hours to make certain the server is running in a safe climate. On top of that, in case you would prefer EB Cloud Technologies’s admins to control the hosting server’s overall performance too, you can make use of the recommended management professional services.

24/7 Support

A round–the–clock help & support system

You can e–mail us anytime by using our ticket system sending any questions that you may have for the dedicated servers. Our helpful and knowledgeable support team is at your disposal 24/7, 7 days a week, if you demand assistance with our Web Site Control Panel or any of the previously installed free applications. We’ll go through your issue and will respond to you in less than 1–hour.